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Printed On : 11-12-2023

Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Mechanism Table Soccer Malta | Commercial Table Soccers Malta | Sports Malta | Fitness Malta | Training Malta | Weightlifting Malta | Wellbeing Malta | Tip Top Sports Malta | Tip Top Malta

Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Mechanism Table Soccer

Item Code:  TT12679

PRICE:  €1799.00

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Product Details

- With 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects


Garlando Olympic Silver Coin Mechanism Table Soccer
An Olympic with an elegant black and gray oak cabinet

This football table with furniture takes up the colors of the World Champion (model of choice for international tournaments) that combines the glossy black in the lower part with the gray oak grain in the upper part. 

The Olympic has everything else, especially the glass cover of the cabinet to seal the playing area, with the well-known advantages of achieving a quieter game, preventing tampering and theft of balls.

Olympic Silver can also be equipped with internal lighting of the playing area to allow play in poorly lit environments or to create special effects in dark rooms.

The possibility of using - in addition to the standard mechanical coin mechanism - highly sophisticated coin acceptance systems (such as the electromechanical system or the GARL 2001 electronic system) makes it possible to satisfy the collection needs of any type of room.

Key Specs

Net: 108 kg
Dimensions when Assembled:
(L x W x H) 150 x 120 x 96.5 cm
Of Box: (L x W x H) 152 x 82 x 46 cm
Playing Area: 115 x 70.5 cm

Key Features: 
• Cabinet built in multilayer plywood covered in plastic laminate. The strength of the materials used and the thickness of 3 centimeters make the structure extremely resistant. Color: gray oak upper band, glossy black lower band. 

• Playing field in tempered glass, thickness mm. 5, with opacifying sandblasting, which eliminates any reflections due to the glass cover. Green grass background with white silk-screened lines that reproduce the ground of the stadium.

• The playing area is completely covered by a tempered upper glass which muffles the noise of the game and makes any tampering during the game impossible, while preventing the ball from slipping out of the playing area.

• Metal legs painted with epoxy powder in silver color. The considerable dimensions (9 x 9 cm) guarantee maximum stability on the ground even during the competition phase.

• The introduction of the balls into the field is done manually by means of an elevator placed on the side of the cabinet next to the coin mechanism. The system is not accessible from the outside, to prevent the balls from being stolen.

• The new type of adjustable feet allow to level the playing field and increase the stability of the legs.

• Rods diameter mm. 16 in drawn steel with high torsion resistance with rustproof chrome plating. The quality of the material used, together with the thickness of 2.2 mm, prevents the rods from bending, maintaining a perfect shape for a long time. It is possible to choose between outgoing rods and retracting rods (telescopic).

• It is possible to open the football table to access inside. A wooden support holds the upper part of the table football when it is raised.

• When the cabinet is open, the playing field can be separated from the upper part of the cabinet by opening two latches, to facilitate cleaning and any replacement of parts.

• The anti-rust stainless steel ball bearings inside the bushings that fix the rods to the cabinet greatly improve the smoothness of the rods: it increases the speed, and therefore the pleasantness, of the game, while decreasing the strain on the players' wrists.

• 10 orange Standard model balls supplied with each table football. The color of the balls makes them visible even through the upper glass.