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Printed On : 22-05-2022

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Best Body Nutrition

Quality comes firstZertifikat

Each athlete is reliant on safe products! Since 2010, the Olympic Training Center Stuttgart confide in the products from Best Body Nutrition. Together we make ourselves strong for the prevention of doping in sports nutrition and supplements. Our production plants manufacture solely comestibles. All products by Best Body Nutrition are GMO-free. That means, they are not manufactured with genetically modified raw materials and ingredients. Of course no aspartame sweeteners are used in the production of our powder products. As a matter of course, sweeteners with aspartame are not used for the production of our products.

The sports nutrition products from Best Body Nutrition are all produced in Germany. Together with scientists and top athletes, we are constantly working to improve our products. Before further processing, all raw materials are tested by qualified staff with the highest attention to quality. In addition to selecting the best raw materials is the use of sophisticated recipes crucial for the quality of our products. Besides selecting the best raw materials, the use of sophisticated recipes is crucial for our high quality standard.

The Best Body Nutrition supplements are subject to maximum security checks. The manufacturing process is executed according to the strict requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulations (Regulation on requirements for hygiene during production, handling and placing on the market of food). In addition, the official food control authorities carry out periodical controls. (regular checks are carried out by the official food control authorities.) In all areas of our company every item is inspected before it leaves the factory. In addition, a separate reserve sample from each batch is analyzed by our laboratory and kept permanently. A safety-optimized sleeve packaging and Zip-bags within the bulk packs ensure the quality of the products. (Security-optimized sleeve and separate zip bags in bulk ensure the quality of products.) Most modern computer-controlled systems and tracking based on the Lot guarantee a lasting constant quality. The manufacture of our products is subject to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001, IFS and HACCP. The result is a matured food supplement for the requirements of top athletes, which is free of any doping substances.





Best Body Nutrition quality for special situations

Logo Vcaps

For example, Best Body Nutrition offers besides to conventional hard gelatine capsules made of pork also vegan capsules with a cellulose casing. At the moment we are the only sports nutrition manufacturer who sells vegan capsules. Cellulose is the major constituent of plant cell walls. Our vegan capsules are without the common beef and pork gelatine. Therewith they offer a perfect alternative, especially for people who want to forego pork and beef.

Cellulose is the major constituent of plant cell walls. Our vegan capsules are without the common beef and pork gelatine. Therewith they offer a perfect alternative, especially for people who want to forego pork and beef.




DLG Awarded

DLG Medaille

Best Body Nutrition periodically review products in the categories "dairy products" and "sweets" by the DLG (German agricultural society). Currently, the BBN Haradcore Protein Block Vanilla and the Premium Pro Protein Shake Vanila received the golden award of DLG. For an award, the quality inspection will be based on internationally accredited standards. Each test includes a test according to scientific standards of quality and an expert opinion. Particular attention is paid to the taste and consistency of the product.




The DIN EN ISO 9001 determines the minimum requirements to a quality management system. These requirements have to be fulfilled by an organisation to be able to provide products and services, which comply with the customer’s as well as all the regulatory requirements. At the same time the management system shall be subject to a steady process of improvement.

Quality Management System includes the following eight principles:

  1. Customer orientation
  2. Responsibility of management
  3. Involvement of people involved
  4. Process-orientated approach
  5. System-orientated approach to management
  6. Continuous Improvement
  7. relevant approach to decision
  8. Supplier relationships for mutual benefit



Quality Management IFS

The IFS (International Food Standard) is a non-profit organization which aims to introduce common standards for quality and safety of food and non-food products throughout the supply chain. It is based on the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, but in addition it includes the principles of good manufacturing practice (cleaning, disinfection, pest control, maintenance, training) and HACCP. In version 4 of the IFS Food in addition, the current EU legislation concerning the handling of allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been incorporated. The valid version 6 from July 2012 is a modified version in which the requirements are clarified in, but also additional KO criteria were introduced. The quality and safety aspects and customer orientation were more focused.




The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point concept is a preventive system which should ensure the safety of food and consumers. The HACCP-quality assurance concept was evolved in order of the American Space Agency NASA to produce space suitable astronaut nutrition. It consists of the analyses of possible danger, identification of critical points in the production, packing, transport and distribution, specification and observance of appropriate conditions as well as periodical check up of all stipulations. Since 1998, the HACCP concept is enshrined in the food hygiene regulations. The EC Regulation 852/2004 designates the use of the HACCP-concept in all companies working with production, processing and selling of food.